Praise for the Stronger Education Partnerships report

Sue Ellery

Western Australia Minister for Education and Training

I congratulate you on the report. It provides a valuable survey of education and training delivery in Indonesia. I note that successful Australian vocational education and training providers in Indonesia demonstrate a long-term commitment to recover costs and build sustainable relationships in the region.

The McGowan Government recently released its Asian Engagement Strategy 2019-2030 to advance economic, social and cultural opportunities in Asia. In Western Australia, the East Java University Consortium of education and training providers is working to identify education and training opportunities with our Sister city, Surabaya. Your report will be a valuable resource as the consortium progresses its strategy to develop education and training partnerships with Indonesia.

I am pleased to advise that the School Curriculum and Standards Authority is implementing a phased expansion of its international education program. Currently, the Authority licenses its curriculum programs to schools located in six countries. These schools include one located in Indonesia, the Australian Intercultural School, Batam, which is approved to deliver primary and secondary school curriculum programs.

The report is useful in assisting the Authority to confirm its understanding of the Indonesian regulatory landscape. The national priority and demographic insights contained in the Report are also useful, as they will assist the Authority in the formulation of a strategy for growth of its international education program in Indonesia.

Thank you for bringing this report to the Premier’s attention.


Jen Bahen

Director for International Education at TAFE Directors Australia

One of the things the Stronger Education Partnerships report did really nicely, that hasn’t been done previously, is actually summarise activity across all of the four sectors in Australia, and by four sectors I mean Higher Education, VET, English language education, and schools.

It very nicely showcases some case studies of successful operations in Indonesia, and that’s really important because it means other provider can start to think about replicating those successful case studies and accessing those types of opportunities when they’re moving into country.

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Professor Abid Khan

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Global Engagement) at Monash University

The report’s a really useful piece of work at a very timely point in the development of the relationship between Australia and Indonesia. It captures a number of dimensions that are becoming important to those of us who work in Indonesia.

I think it gives a greater degree of clarity to the models you can apply; the ways in which you can deepen your relationships and collaborations; in many ways, what success can look like; and some of the pitfalls.