Promoting stronger education, skills and training partnerships between Australia and Indonesia

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The way we learn and work is changing, and Indonesia’s booming young generation wants to be at the forefront of this change. Increasing productivity and participating in a new age of industry transformation will require people with the right skills.

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The AIC meets the team leading Indonesia’s successful training-for-work program

The Australia-Indonesia Centre has heard first-hand about the success of a skills training program set up by the Indonesian President in 2019. Read more

Man teaches woman on transparent screen, mathematical symbols on screen, students at desks in background

Indonesian digital skill needs presents an opportunity for Australian education providers

While the Indonesian tech sector is growing rapidly, the level of skilled workers is struggling to keep up. But that is where Read more

Indonesia-Australia partnerships crucial for higher education

As Indonesia seeks to educate its massive population, direct partnerships between training institutions in Indonesia and Australia will be crucial in making it a reality.

How Indonesia plans to fill post-pandemic creative and tourism skill gaps

The Republic of Indonesia hopes to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic by bolstering its creative and tourism economies through the upskilling of young Indonesians.

Bukalapak and taking Indonesia-Australia business connections to ‘the next level’

A webinar run by the Australia-Indonesia Centre has heard how e-commerce giant Bukalapak invested in Australia to access skills and talent.

Seaweed innovation: The new frontier for Australia-Indonesia ecopreneurship

Relatively little is known about the other exciting applications of seaweed, and what role they can play in strengthening Australia-Indonesia trade and scientific collaboration.

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